Magali Mari

About me

In January 2017, I started my doctorate under the supervision of Professor Fabrice Clément at the Cognitive Science Centre of the University of Neuchâtel.

Professional Experience

2017 – today

PhD assistant

Cognitive Science Centre, University of Neuchâtel

Conduct and manage research projects:

Manage time, resources and priorities
Make decision and meet demanding deadlines
Design experiments, collect and analyse data
Find creative solution to complex research problems


Work in team on interdisciplinary projects
Facilitate group discussions and negotiate with others
Support others in completing their projects


Write clearly for different purposes
Convey complex information to non-expert audience during conferences
Represent complex information visually


Support and guide Bachelor and Master students on personal projects
Evaluate and grade Bachelor and Master students’ works
Teaching and lecturing

2016 – 2017

Research assistant

Cognitive Science Centre, University of Neuchâtel

Running experiments for the Cognitive Science Center with adults and young children:

Recruit participants
Knowledge building of legal and ethical requirements for conducting experiments
Development of organisational skills
Data management
Collaboration with the members of the Cognitive Science Centre

01.2017 – 08.2017

Co-organizer of an international symposium

CISA, Swiss Center for Affective Science

Organisation of an international symposium on the development of a new concept in affective science (the Foundation of Affective Social Learning):

Budget planning and finding financial support
Monitor expenditure and deal with administrative tasks
Communicate information, arrange guests’ travel and stay, organise conferences and activities
Advertising, promotion and website creation

09.2015 – 12.2015


Cognitive Science Centre, University of Neuchâtel

Using eye-tracker (SMI) device under the supervision of Dr. Marco Pedrotti


2017 – today

PhD in Cognitive Science, University of Neuchâtel

Under the supervision of Professor Fabrice Clément

2014 – 2016

Master in Cognitive Science, University of Neuchâtel

Master thesis: What attracts our attention in the social environment? The impact of implicit gender stereotypes on visual attention.

2011 – 2014

Bachelor of Arts, University of Neuchâtel

Information and Communication sciences; English Language and Literature; Management

Other activities

01.2019 – today

Contributor to ArcInfo

Write articles to present scientific researches and theories for non-expert audience 

09.2017 – today

Représentante du Corps Intermédiaire au Conseil de Faculté

Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, University of Neuchâtel

In charge of the communication within the « Corps Intermédiaire » and between the Dean of the Faculty and the « Corps Intermédiaire »